Meet the team at Aardwolf Security Solutions:

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On the left, Geraldo du Toit, and on the right is Johan de Wit, the owner.

About the owner:

Aardwolf Security Solutions is owned and operated by Johan de Wit. His career in the security industry started in 1988, spanning training and experience in/for the military, VIP close protection services, security management, and criminal investigations.

In addition to that he is qualified via PSIRA as an A-grade security officer, trained in security management, CIT (cash-in-transit) security and armed response.

He is also SAQA certified to install CCTV systems, access control systems, electric fencing, and gate- and garage door automation systems.

His training and experience has enabled him to approach any security situation critically, viewing it as if through the eyes of a potential criminal or attacker.

As such, he is capable of assessing and identifying potential risks in any given situation, and to take the appropriate actions to deal with any potential threat.

In his career he has dealt with a multitude of different types personal- and business risks – which has enacted the safety of many individuals and groups (such as when he was security manager, and security maintenance manager at the Finnish embassy in Pretoria), and helped to recover stolen goods after a large scale robbery.

Whatever your situation, your needs and the threat levels to your safety may be, Aardwolf Security Solutions can offer professional assistance to assess and neutralise potential threats.