Biometric systems

Biometric security systems (finger print scanners for access control) used to be seen only in high security installations. Fortunately, the technology has become more affordable over time, making it accessible to smaller consumers.

Biometric systems have a few very distinct benefits:

1. It allows for faster access. In situations where time is of the essence, scanning a fingerprint is likely to be faster than punching in a security code.

2. It allows access under unusual circumstances – meaning that even if you or an employee forgot the access code, or suffer from a headache, or even if someone has just been attacked (and is thus disoriented), he or she can still gain access to the home, farm or business premises.

3. It allows for the unsupervised yet controlled access of people who cannot read, or people who are dyslexic. This includes children who need to gain access to their homes in a hurry, and people who never had the opportunity to learn how to read. In a stressful situation, it will also be substantially easier for a blind, visually challenged, or older person to use.

4. Unlike a security card (used at businesses to control access), which can be lost, stolen or even forgotten at home, biometric security relies on the ever-present fingerprint.

5. Due to the highly individual nature of a fingerprint, it can also be used to note when employees arrive and leave – unlike card systems which are abused by one person clocking in for another.

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