CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV, or closed circuit television cameras, allow you to monitor and record activities around your house, business or farm by means of video surveillance.

You can choose to use it only for specific problem areas of your home, premises or farm, or it can be used as a general means of monitoring, both inside and outside.

Uses of CCTV:

1. Protecting the occupants of the premises/house/farm.

2. Monitor visitors – see who knocks on your door, or enters your premises.

3. Prevent vandalism and deter crime.

4. Capture anti-social behaviour from neighbours for use in legal proceedings.

Benefits of CCTV:

1. It helps to deter would-be criminals.

2. Peace of mind due to increased awareness.

3. A record of activities in the event of crime or disputes.

4. It discourages conflict in the workplace.

5. It is cost-effective (requires little maintenance after installation).

6. It can lead to reduced insurance premiums (insurance providers consider the reduced risk in their assessments).

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