Electronic access control

In many cases – for homes, businesses and industrial (or farm) buildings (or secure areas), it makes more sense to use electronic access control than to use normal locks.

Keys can be lost or forgotten at home, and they can be copied. In addition to that, if someone loses a key, you need to replace the lock itself. Not to mention that every new employee needs to be issued with new keys.

In the case of electronic locks for access control, there is no key to lose or to forget.

For example – if your keys are stolen (hijacking, or snatched purse), getting into your house is not a problem – because it works with a PIN code.

If you are a business owner, and someone leaves your business, you can simply specify a new PIN code for the lock. In fact, you can change it regularly if you choose to do so.

Similarly, if a couple separates, there is no need to replace the locks on the doors if the keys are not returned. Simply changing the PIN code on the electronic locks will solve the problem.

The electronic access control points can also be incorporated into computerised home management systems – or “smart homes”.

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