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Hacker activity has been steadily rising over the past few years, necessitating the need for improved security for computer networks. Not only are hackers trying to cripple network systems, but in many cases they try to gain access unnoticed – to steal information.

In other cases hackers try to harness the computing power of the network – sometimes for the sake of “mining” cryptocurrencies, sending large scale spam emails, and sometimes for executing cyber-attacks on larger computer installations. In such cases the owner/administrator of the compromised network appears to be the source of the broader hacking- or spam operation.

When this is revealed, it can – depending on the nature of your business – cost you clients, or it can even lead to your company emails and/or IP address being blacklisted.

In the world of cyber-security, nothing is hacker-proof – but when your business is at stake, it pays to make everything as difficult as possible for those who want to breach your network security.

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