Security fencing and security gates

Security fencing comes in a wide variety of shapes and forms. This can range from simple palisade fencing as a see-through barrier to entry, to rugged and robust fencing solutions to protect high risk properties.

The type of security fencing you choose to install will depend on the location (residential, business or farm property), the crime rate in the area, and perceived threat to the premises/house/farm and it occupants.

Ideally, your choice of fence should provide protection, and be a crime deterrent, for some time to come. A such, you may want to consider escalating crime rates, and what the situation is likely to be like in say, five years from now.

Security gates, on the other hand, not only provides peace of mind due to the additional physical barrier between yourself and would-be criminals, but it also reduces the risk to you home or business premises from an insurance point of view – which is likely to lead to lower insurance premiums.

In fact, some insurance providers refuse to insure your property if security gates are not installed.

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