Services Overview

Listed below is a number of the services provided by Aardwolf Security Solutions on the West Coast:

Alarm Systems

Security systems are about much more than keeping your family safe, of keeping your business assets secure. These systems are about peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are safe no matter where you may be.

Regardless of what your budget, lifestyle or unique requirements may be, there will be a security system to suit your needs. Depending on your situation, you can either request an upgrade of your current system using new technology, or you can choose to have a tailor-made solution installed.

Security Alarm Systems

Aardwolf Security Solutions supplies and installs all of the following types of alarms;

  • Intruder alarms
  • Outside perimeter alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Monitored security alarms
  • Access controlled alarms

Modern detection cameras have the ability to rotate through 360 degrees, while current technology allows for them to be connected to not only your alarms system, but also to the internet.

This allows you to log in online from anywhere you may be, and monitor any specific area from wherever you are. You can check on your home while dining out or while being on vacation.

Movement, detected in any specific area (VCA), can activate the camera to send you a notification via the internet to your cellphone, tablet or PC . In addition to that, facial recognition technology allows for alarms to be activated whenever a specific face is detected.

From a business perspective, mobile CCTV facilities make it possible to not only monitor drivers’ routes from within their vehicles, but also to capture evidence in case of a collision.

Detection devices include both beams and passive motion sensors. Your choice will be dictated by your specific needs and budget.

Purchase includes installment and servicing.

Access Control Solutions

At Aardwolf Security solutions, customer service is the core of our business. Your security is our priority, whether it if for your home, business or farm. As such, we will spend the necessary time with you to design a security system that suits both your needs and your budget, and provides the protection you need. 

Our full range of access control systems will enable you to monitor your home, farm or business, which in turn allows you to request intervention in minutes, from whomever you have entrusted with the task (your manager, your armed response company, or even your neighbor, depending on your arrangements). 

Our systems also come with a range or useful features which can contribute towards addressing your specific needs.

Access Control Systems

We provide:

  • Access control readers and -cards
  • Visitor / guest management systems
  • Identity management systems
  • Door / gate entry systems
  • Smart card and bio-metric systems
  • Risk assessment for every client
  • Professional service and installation

Additional access control options include boom gates and turnstiles. Access methods include access cards for authorized individuals, bio-metric access (fingerprints) or even simply a remote control unit.

Aardwolf Security Solutions offer free, no-obligation on-site assessments to determine the extent of safety risks. Upon completion, we will be able to recommend a suitable security system that will meet your needs.

Electric Fencing

Perimeter Electric Fencing:

Aardwolf Security Solutions provides electric fencing and –gates, both free-standing and mountable. Depending on your needs, the gates/fences can consist of 5 to 25 lines.

Shock deterrent systems for perimeter security:

Always-on systems have power backups from either solar installations, or from battery packs that remain charged when the electricity is on. In the event of load shedding or unexpected power outages, your security system will remain operational

Pulsed-shock systems are electric security fences which discharge a safe but painful shock when touched, making it almost impossible to scale or cut.

Perimeter security with alarms as deterrents:

Audible detection alarms are triggered whenever someone attempts to cut, or climb over a fence.